Tripura Movie Review & Rating

Cast: Swathi, Naveen Chandra, Sapthagiri, Dhanaraj
Directed by : Raj Kiran
Produced by : Chinababu & M Rajasekhar
Music : Kamran
Running time : 154 min

Story : 

Tripura(Swathi) is a typical village belle who gets weird dreams which turn out to be true in real life. Seeing Tripura’s medical condition, her dad consults a psychiatrist (Naveen Chandra) in Hyderabad. During her treatment in the city, Tripura falls in love with Naveen and eventually marries him with the consent of her parents.
As time passes by, Tripura continues to get these dreams, until one day where she sees herself killing Naveen with a knife. What will Tripura do now ? Will her dreaded come true ? Will she really kill her husband in real life too ? That forms the rest of the story.

Positive(+) : 
  • Shakalaka Shankar and Jayaprakash Reddy's comedy
Negative(-) : 
  • Routine horror story
  • Lengthy movie
  • Farcical comedy
Review by Various Websites
  • 123Telugu :: 2.75/5
  • Great Andhra :: 2.25/5
  • AP Herald :: 1.5/5
  • Idlebrain :: N/A
  • Tupaki :: 2/5
  • Cinejosh :: N/A
  • Gulte ::  2.5/5

VTelugu Rating :: 2.25/5

Tripura Movie Review & Rating Tripura Movie Review & Rating Reviewed by Surya on November 06, 2015 Rating: 5

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