Autonagar Surya Movie Review

Star Cast : Nagachaitanya , Samantha, Rakul Preet Singh
Director : Deva Katta
Music :Anoop Rubens
Rating : 2.75\5

Story :
At a very young age, Surya(Naga Chaitanya) looses his parents in an train incident, and grows up in the motor field area of Auto Nagar. The entire area is in under the control of a dreaded mayor(Madhu) and his gang comprising of Ajay and Jaya Prakaash Reddy.

Being a talented mechanic, Surya decides to build a vehicle which runs solely on battery and create a huge revolution in the motor field. As soon as he starts working on his project, he finds out that the complete area including the workers union is under the powerful mayor and his goons.

Rest of the story is how Surya, being a common man fights against the system, and becomes the famous Auto Nagar Surya.

Plus Points:-
Auto Nagar Surya, is an out and out Naga Chaitanya film. This Akkineni hero will surprise everyone with his improved acting skills.Those who have questioned Chaitanya’s acting skills, can go watch this performance which is one of his best.

The way Chaitanya goes about his character, and mouths powerful dialogues is very impressive. Naga Chaitanya has amazing screen presence in this film, and carries on a difficult role with ease.

Young actor Nandu, does a superb job as Chaitanya’s friend. He too has a meaty role, and does justice to it completely. The entire premise, and the way the story has been set up in Auto Nagar, will nicely connect with the common audience.

Some confrontation scenes between Naga Chaitanya and the villains, have been executed nicely. First half is gripping with interesting screenplay and performances.

Jay Prakash Reddy, Sai Kumar and a few other supporting actors, play their parts well. One or two scenes featuring Samantha and Naga Chaitanya have been designed well.

Minus Points:-
Auto Nagar Surya has some major drawbacks. Run time of the film is way too long. After the director sets us up for a gripping and interesting second half, the film falls flat on its face.

The second half itself starts with a disappointing song on Brahmanandam. Not stopping there, yet another item songs comes out of no where and spoils the fun even more.

The way second half of the film is handled is weak. It has too much violence and the film becomes predictable. Climax is weak and has been completed in a hurry.

Samantha had absolutely nothing to do in the film, and was there only as a star attraction. A talented actor like Sai Kumar has been wasted in a simple supporting role.

Verdict :-

On the whole, Auto Nagar Surya is one film which starts off with much promise, but dips down badly during the second half. Naga Chaitanya’s striking performance is a plus, but lack of basic entertainment, and a hurried up climax spoil the fun to an extent. Finally, Naga Chaitanya can be extremely proud of this film, as he is the only best thing in this average entertainer.

Autonagar Surya Movie Review Autonagar Surya Movie Review Reviewed by Surya on June 27, 2014 Rating: 5

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