Drushyam - Dad - My Hero Event Update

Wordsworth said, “Fatherl - to God himself we cannot give a holier name“.lf we were to scale our life-giver Mother’s greatness on one side, a Father’s greatness in bringing us up without any hardships balances the other side of the scale. In this World, whichever caste, region or religion one belongs to - every father strives for his child’s future! A Father bears any hardships for the sake of his children and would not hesitate to go to any lengths for his Child’s good.

Our Film, “Drushyam” is the story of  one such Father shared through celluloid. So, this Father’s Day, Team Drushyam salutes each and every Child’s 1st their “Father”

For a Child, it is a Day to thank a Father for all the support! And for a Father, it reminds the responsibility to inspire a young heart even more!

This Father’s Day, Team Drushyam has planned an event,

“My Father/Dad - My Hero”.

For everyone out there, share one moment of yours with your father; Which ignited the spirit of life in you,

Or Which reminds you of your father.

Or which you wish to tell your own Child

Or anything about your Father you wish to share!

Memories are best lived when remembered again!

Please share with #MyDadMyHero and hash tags on Twitter or Facebook or mail them to drishyam.te|ugu@gmail.com

We are waiting to hear memories from your side and from our side, gifts for the best ones shared along with an Opportunity to meet Victory Venkatesh in person!
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