Celebrities Responses after Watching Baahubali

Telugu Film Industry has seen a magnum opus film Baahubali released today worldwide and creating records with its visual grandeur. Meanwhile Celebrities tweeted about Baahubali post viewing the movie...

Nani :- Thank you for the experience
captain @ssrajamouli .you have made us proud yet again.Can't wait for the conclusion.2016 aa.. Fast forwarddd

Akhil Akkineni :- #Bahubali go and and live the epic in the theatre asap ! It is Indias pride and we must support it.

Nithin :- BAHUBALI VISUAL EXTRAVAGANZA!! Go watch it!! Tk a bow rajamouli sir n congrats to the d entire team!!

Deva Katta :- Watching bahubali in sriramulu.... adrenaline...adrenaline!!! Bahubali in one word...: MASTERPIECE! In four words...: THIS DREAM IS REAL!

Vennela Kishore :- Survidrah prabhas sir och shabishm rajamouli sir aaeyu schyayei #Bahubali taallmein surayi pch pch edaruen PS: respect in kalakeya lang, Proud of TFI #Bahubali

Sudheer Babu :- Saw #Bahubali last night.spectacular visuals & superb emotions.even in my sleep I was dreaming of the story happening for real. Film industry is divided into 2.sir @ssrajamouli on one side n rest all on the other.ayanaki flop cinema teyadam radhu

Allu Sirish  :- OMFG!!! I am in a #Bahubali trance. Awe struck. Never before on Indian screen. Epic. Classic. Short of words. I'm proud TFI made this film. I'll need 10-15 tweets to express what I wanna say! Just forget everything. Read no reviews, hear no stuff. Just watch #Bahubali ASAP.

Chandini Chowdary  :- 1st half Sheer brilliance If this is nt an Indian stamped masterpiece den I duno what is TELUGU CINEMA ON GLOBAL MAP!

Sneha Ullal  :- The south must be buzzing with #Bahubali ..Has anyone watched it yet?

Lakshmi Manchu  :- #Baahubali is a pure visual treat. I can't wait for the second part. Go watch

Rahul Ravindran  :- Bahubali is an experience! More importantly, it's a wholesome entertainer with a strong emotional impact. Go watch it asap!

Sumanth  :- Reports as big as the film itself, the burden of expectations crossed, the bar of Indian cinema upped. Congrats @ssrajamouli &team #Bahubali

Raghu kunche  :- Salute to @ssrajamouli sir..... No Words to say anything.. It's an outstanding Film - can't wait for second part☺️..congrats #Baahubali Team , #BAHUBALI...Andaru khachhithamga okkasaraina choose movie ..., Navarakaithe !!!! it's an outstanding Film ... #Respect RAJAMOULI gaaru

Sidharth Malhotra  :- #Bahubali can't be missed!True Magnum opus of India capturing emotions with brilliant visuals and performances leaving you wanting more.

Smita :- First time in life in theater before opening titles...for #Bahubali :) waiting to watch the epic

Siva Karthikeyan :- #Baahubali- an experience.Thank u @ssrajamouli sir & team for tis epic experience & taking Indian cinema to next level, Hats off to all d artists of #Baahubali for their dedication & hard work.Congrats @RanaDaggubati , @tamannaahspeakswith you.

Sujeeth :- Salute to each and every technician Baahubali

Gopichand Malineni :- #Bahubali.. It is a must watch movie ! Visual treat ! Hatsoff to rajamouli Garu,darling Prabhas done his best ..congrats to entire team !!

Hamsa Nandini  :- #Bahubali has arrived.Lets hope it gives TFI world wide reach. Best of luck team. Let's rock

Gopi Mohan :- Bahubali:Must Watch film for its Grand Canvas.Emotions&Heroism r at peaks.Great performance from Prabhas & others.Kudos to @ssrajamouli&Team

Subbaraju :- Overwhelmed by the grandest period canvas to ever unfurl on Indian Cinema.

Naveen Chandra :- Watched the Epic ‪#‎Baahubali‬ mind blowing, what a movie..!! kudos to SS Rajamouli,MM .Keeravani garu ‪#‎Prabhas‬, cast & crew dedication n hard work pays. Do watch the film in theaters. Waiting for part 2 #Baahubali

K Raghavendra Rao :- Loved watching the final product on the big screen. Happy about the great response to the film... Everyone must watch it in the theatres!!!
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